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Thanks to all our Alumni and Friends who helped make this campaign so successful. As promised, FUN America has doubled the donations received.

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Annual Appeal – 2016

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Do you ever think back to the time you spent studying for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Nottingham?  Your memories may be the friends you made, joining your favourite society, spending some time in the Old Trip to Jerusalem pub, or maybe like myself it’s the second to none education you received that gave you a helping hand onto your chosen career path.

The great and diverse education I gained enabled me to have a successful engineering research career in the US for 40 years. I remember watching the Portland building being constructed, organising and taking part in the annual beer race and most poignantly, I met my wife to be on the lawn at Hugh Stewart Hall, proposed in the Portland building and we married in Nottingham. Whatever your own Nottingham memories may be, I’m sure taking the step to study at University is something that has sculpted not just your career, but you as a person.

As I’m sure you are aware, many students now decide to undertake their degree in a different country, as it can bring a whole new perspective to their education, a different outlook and opportunities for their career and is often a life-changing decision. However, the additional benefits of studying abroad can mean the expenses are significant, and many US students who apply to Nottingham are not be able to afford the fees of studying at our alma mater. In order to address this, there are currently 20 post-graduate scholarships a year, funding tuition fees at 25%. However, not all students are able to fund the remaining 75% of fees themselves, on top of travel, living and accommodation costs. I was very fortunate in being able to study in the UK and here at Friends of the University of Nottingham: America, we are committed to encouraging US students to do the same.

Over many years, generous gifts from our US alumni and friends have enabled us to fund scholarships specifically for Americanstudents who wish to study in Nottingham. As the cost of university increases and our financial climate continues to deliver uncertainty, we want to give more financial support to our students and continue to inspire them to make the trip over the pond. Our aim here at FUN America is to increase the 20 existing scholarships that are funded each year from 25% towards tuition fees to as much as 50% so that we don’t lose bright and promising students because of the financial challenges of studying in a different country. I am confident we can achieve this goal with gifts from our alumni and friends.

Your gift of $100 dollars today can really make a difference to create a life changing experience for another rising star, to give them the opportunity of a fantastic education at Nottingham.

Thank you and best wishes,

Andrew J. Fowell

FUN America Appeals Chairman
BSc Hons & PhD Mechanical Engineering 1957, 1961

P.S All gifts to FUN America are tax deductible under the US tax code!